In the following, we would like to introduce you to our general terms and conditions of sale, which serve as a basis for the processing and realization of your purchases. At https://www.reed-blake.com, we offer you the purchase of Lyman SA – Reed Blake articles exclusively.

Reed Blake 1835 is a brand distributed by the company Lyman SA whose head office is located at Ruelle du Midi 17, 1950 Sion in Switzerland. Reed Blake 1835 is a registered trademark and may not be used in any way whatsoever by a visitor, user or client of the site without written agreement from Lyman SA.

The parties agree that these GTC exclusively govern their relationship. Lyman SA – Reed Blake reserves the right to amend the GTC at any time. Only the GTC online on the site on the day of the order are enforceable against the parties.  Consequently, the fact of placing an order for products requires the User’s full prior and unreserved adherence to the GCS by clicking on the button “I have read the general terms and conditions of sale and I adhere to them unreservedly”.  Lyman SA-Reed Blake is careful to respect any codes of conduct applicable in the User’s country of residence. Consequently, if a condition of sale were to be lacking, it would be considered to be governed by the usages in force in the distance selling sector.


1.1 Contracts concluded on www.reed-blake.com are concluded exclusively in German, Englich and French. In the event of a difference in interpretation between the different language versions, the French version shall always be authentic. When ordering Lyman SA – Reed Blake articles, your contracting party is Lyman SA – Reed Blake, Ruelle du Midi 17, 1950 Sion, Switzerland.

1.2 By clicking on the “Buy Now” button, you place a firm order for the items in your shopping cart. We will confirm receipt of your order by e-mail immediately after the goods have been dispatched. With the receipt of the order confirmation, a contract becomes effective. Please note that when you choose the prepayment by bank transfer (reservation) the delivery of the ordered goods takes place as soon as we receive the payment of the total purchase price as well as possible shipping costs. Please transfer the purchase price immediately upon receipt of the order confirmation, but within seven days at the latest.

1.3 You consent to the assignment of the seller’s claims relating to the purchase price to third parties, in particular to Lyman NV – Reed Blake.

1.4 Please note that we are exceptionally not obliged to deliver the ordered goods if our production site fails for any reason whatsoever. We are not obliged to deliver the goods if the goods are not available, of which you have been informed. In case of unavailability of the ordered goods, we will immediately refund any payments already made.

1.5 We do not assume the risk of having to purchase an ordered product (procurement risk).This also applies when ordering goods that are only described according to their nature and characteristics (generic goods).We are only obliged to deliver goods from our stock and those that we have put into production. We will deliver your orders in Switzerland and in Europe as soon as the European market is open (in the course of 2020).If the delivery time is expressed in working days, we mean every day from Monday to Friday, except for statutory holidays.

1.6 If on the page “summary of your order”, you select the box in favor of a donation of CHF 5.00 to the foundation chosen by Lyman SA – Reed Blake, this will form an integral part of the contract for your order. Before the conclusion of the contract, we will indicate the amount of the contribution on the page “summary of your order”. Lyman SA – Reed Blake undertakes to double this sum of CHF 5.00 per order.


2.1 The prices stated in the offer at the time of the order shall apply. The prices indicated are final. This means that they contain the current legal value added tax.2.2 We pay for you the shipping costs with an average delay of 48 hours in Switzerland and 5 to 7 days for Europe. Lyman SA cannot be held responsible for any disruption that may take place with a logistics service provider in any country (in particular strikes).2.3 In order to benefit from free delivery, the minimum order must be CHF 100 or Euros 100. Below these order amounts, we will charge you the full cost of your order.


3.1 In principle, we offer the following methods of payment: prepayment by bank transfer, credit card, payment by invoice with Swissbilling (only for Switzerland), PayPal as well as Postcard. For each order, however, we reserve the right not to offer certain types of payment and to refer to other payment methods. Please note that we only accept payments from accounts in Switzerland and the European Union (EU). You will bear any costs incurred for cash transactions or exchange rate-related costs.

3.2 In the case of purchases made with a credit card, the credit card account will be debited when we ship the order.

3.3 In the case of purchases on invoice, the terms of payment are those stipulated by our partner Swissbilling (only for Switzerland). If payment is not made within the specified period from the due date, the customer shall be in default. In this case, Lyman SA – Reed Blake or Swissbilling reserves the right to charge customers, in addition to the invoice amount, reminder fees and default interest. The unpaid invoice amount (including interest on arrears and reminder charges) may be assigned or sold for collection. In addition to payment of the invoice amount, the customer is obliged to reimburse all costs arising from the delay in payment.

3.4 You agree to receive invoices, credit notes and reminders in electronic or paper form.


4.1 Promotional codes are vouchers that cannot be purchased, but which we issue as part of promotional campaigns with a limited period of validity.

4.2 Promotional codes may only be used during the period indicated, and only once per order and only on the products covered by the promotion. Please note that promotional codes can be linked to a minimum order value.

4.3 The value of the goods must be at least equal to the amount of the promotion code. If the value of the goods is higher, the difference can be made up with one of the payment methods offered. The amount of a promotion code is not paid in cash and does not accrue interest. The promotion code is not refunded if the goods are returned in whole or in part.

4.4 Promotional codes may only be used prior to the conclusion of the order. Subsequent settlement is not possible. The promotion code may not be transferred to third parties. It is not possible to combine several promotion codes with each other, unless we have agreed otherwise.

4.5 If you have used a promotion code at the time of your purchase, we reserve the right to charge you the original price of the goods you keep if – due to your cancellation – the total value of your order falls below the amount of the promotion code.


5.1 Gift Vouchers are vouchers that you can purchase on the Reed Blake website or application. They can only be used for the purchase of Lyman SA – Reed Blake articles. If the credit note of a gift voucher is not sufficient for the order, the difference can be made up with the means of payment offered.

5.2 Gift vouchers and credit notes may only be used before the conclusion of the order procedure. Gift voucher credits are not paid out in cash and do not earn interest. In order to use the gift vouchers in your customer account or to find out the existing credit balance, please refer to “My Vouchers and Credit Credits” in your account at www.reed-blake.com.


6.1 For all purchases of Lyman SA – Reed Blake articles under www.reed-blake.com – Reed Blake grants a right of return for a total of 15 days from receipt of the goods. Under this right, you may withdraw from the contract by returning the goods to us within 15 days of receipt (the period begins on the day following receipt of the goods). Dispatch within the period is sufficient to comply with the time limit. The condition for exercising the right of return is, however, that you have only worn the goods for a fitting, as in a shop, and that you return them undamaged and in new condition. Furthermore, as far as shoes are concerned, it is imperative that you try them on a soft surface such as a carpet or rug without rubbing the sole of the shoe, which must not bear any marks, and that you remain in an upright position so as not to cause any wrinkles on the leather. Furthermore, we ask you to return the goods to us in their original packaging, together with all accessories delivered unused and in mint condition with your order. Any shortages will be charged as a deduction from your payment. The Reed Blake set is a high-end set and must be returned in mint condition. Otherwise, the box will be charged at a price of CHF 40.00 or Euros 40.00 without the products and accessories and CHF 60.00 or Euros 60.00 with the accessories. If these conditions are not met, the return of the goods may be refused. For the free return, please follow the instructions mentioned under the Returns section of the website or application. The right of return does not exist for the purchase of gift vouchers. Please send the goods to: Lyman SA – Reed Blake, Ruelle du Midi 17, 1950 Sion- Switzerland.

6.2 The return of goods is free of charge as long as the contents of these GTC are respected. Lyman SA – Reed Blake reserves the right to charge for any shipment or return on the second return for the same order.

6.3 We draw your attention to the fact that the 15-day right of return does not apply to the contribution you have made to the charitable foundation chosen by Lyman SA – Reed Blake.


Lyman SA – Reed Blake 1835 offers a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase on all Goodyear or Blake stitched shoes with leather or rubber soles. This does not apply to sneaker models or any models that are not Blake or Goodyear stitched. The warranty covers any defects in the material and construction of the shoe. Wear and tear or improper use of the shoe is not covered by this warranty. In order to claim the 5-year warranty, a written request must be made to Lyman SA, Ruelle du Midi 17, CH-1950 Sion, with photos of the shoes, a description of the manufacturing or material defect, and proof of purchase with the date of purchase. Lyman SA will then decide on the validity of the warranty on a case-by-case basis, within a maximum of 30 days. In any case, a refund of the price paid is excluded. Compensation will be made, if necessary, by means of a voucher from Lyman SA for a new pair of shoes or other product on the website www.reed-blake.com


In case of payment by invoice or prepayment, we will reimburse you to the account you have indicated for the reimbursement. If you paid with PayPal or credit card, the refund will be made to the account linked to PayPal or your credit card. If you used a gift voucher for your purchase, we will credit the corresponding amount to your gift voucher account. Refunds are made as soon as possible after quality control of the returned products, minus any damaged or missing products. Refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt at Lyman SA – Reed Blake at the latest.


If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form on the site or in the application.


9.1 The legal warranty for defective products applies. Lyman SA – Reed Blake expressly reserves the right, in the event of reported and ascertained defects in the purchased item, to deliver a defect-free replacement item to the purchaser. Normal wear and tear or improper use (e.g. total immersion of the product in a liquid) shall not be considered a defect. Since Reed Blake products consist mainly of natural elements, a change in color and the appearance of creases, for example, are also not considered defects.

9.2 You can view these GTC at www.reed-blake.com. In addition, you can print or save this document using the usual function of your Internet browser.


If individual provisions of the contract, including these regulations, are or become wholly or partially invalid, or if there is an unforeseen deficiency in the contract, the effectiveness of the other provisions or parts thereof shall not be affected. Ineffective or missing provisions are replaced by the corresponding legal regulations.


All legal acts or other legal relationships with us are governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is 1950 Sion, Switzerland. The Vienna Convention (CISG) and any other inter-state agreements do not apply. If necessary, e.g. in the event of a claim, we also reserve the right to take action at the customer’s registered office or domicile.

Lyman SA

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