How to look after your Reed Blake sneakers

  1. Always leave your Reed Blake shoes to rest to get rid of any moisture before treating them.
  2. Remove the laces from your shoes.
  3. Dust down the leather parts and sole edges of your Reed Blake sneakers using a brush.
  4. Then, brush the suede with a natural crepe brush.
  5. Where necessary, clean the leather parts with a cleansing milk for leather.
  6. Spray the suede parts with a suede renovator from a distance of 20 centimeters.
  7. Apply polish in the right color to the leather parts using a chamois cloth, making sure to avoid staining the suede.
  8. Leave to dry for 20 minutes.
  9. Then, brush the suede with the natural crepe brush and the leather with a buffing brush, using small, quick, light movements.”
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