The shank is an invisible part of your shoe. It is hidden between the insole and the outsole.

However, it is essential at the level of the arch (at the back there is the heel and at the front the outsole).

This part is highly stressed when walking and reinforcement with the shank is essential. 

It is possible to manufacture it in many materials. Most footwear now uses a metal shank, which is inexpensive but has some disadvantages such as possible degradation due to the natural humidity of the shoe and detection when passing through airport security gates.

Other brands use cheap plastic shanks, shanks that should be avoided for reasons of solidity but also to protect our environment.

Leather shanks are very beautiful, but they do not always fulfil the role attributed to the shank, which is to prevent the middle part of the sole from breaking due to the lack of rigidity.

Reed Blake 1835 has chosen alder wood shanks for its entire Goodyear mounted range. Alder wood has a high resistance to time, optimum rigidity and also preserves both centuries-old craftsmanship and know-how and our environment.

For the Super Premium finish, Reed Blake uses a double-height shank, a type of shank that is normally only used in custom-made shoes. Not only does the double-height shank provide increased rigidity, it also gives a bit of volume to the outsole.

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