Discover the Reed Blake brand and take advantage of a special and limited offer.

For the launch of the Reed Blake brand, we are offering all our customers who order before the deadline a pair of shoe trees worth CHF 40. Take advantage of this exceptional offer now!

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Special offer :

Shoes trees included with each pair of Reed Blakes ordered


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Thanks to three photos per foot, which you can take with your smartphone (iOS or Android), the Reed Blake 1835 app is the first of its kind and the best on the market.


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The Reed Blake DNA.

A Swiss brand

Reed Blake is a high-end shoe brand designed entirely in Switzerland and manufactured exclusively in Europe. Reed Blake is the first brand to have been established in accordance with the principles of digital 4.0.


An eco-socio-responsible concept

Reed Blake is a high-end Swiss shoe brand. At the same time, it is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible brand. We work with 99% biodegradable components and select the best materials to guarantee our products unparalleled durability. The Reed Blake box has been designed to protect your shoes. It contains a basic care kit and other accessories. Finally, during each purchase, you have the opportunity to donate CHF 5. Reed Blake pledges to double this sum for deprived children.

32 components

No fewer than 32 different components are needed to make a Reed Blake shoe.

207 stages

It takes 207 stages to manufacture a pair of Reed Blakes.

9 days

From cutting the leather to finishing and buffing, it takes 9 days to bring you a pair of Reed Blakes.