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Slide S w i s design s Designed in Switzerland, Reed Blake’s shoes are manufactured exclusively in Europe using the best components on the market. Reed Blake is the first brand to have been designed based entirely on the principles of digital 4.0. Reed Blake, the new Swiss brand for high-end shoes. Find out more > Discover RB’s products

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Using the RB 1835 app, create a 3D image of your feet easily and in just a few minutes. The algorithm will pick the right size for you based on the shape of the selected models. You will only need to carry out this procedure once. Simply follow
the tutorial
Simply watch the RB 1835 app tutorial. In just a few steps, Paul will explain how to use your smartphone to create a 3D footprint of your feet. The algorithm for the RB 1835 app generates a personal code that you can enter in the size selection area as soon as you find a model that suits you. This code is saved in your Reed Blake account. RB 1835:
more than just an app
With the RB 1835 app, not only can you create a 3D image of your feet, you can also choose and order your shoes directly, view the collection, and find out all about the Reed Blake brand. Discover the application

Reed Blake
The best leathers The best leathers have been selected from the famous Tanneries du Puy for the production of Reed Blake’s shoes. Comfort, suppleness and durability guaranteed. Reed Blake’s outsoles have undergone a slow tanning process lasting 12 months. This exclusive process gives Reed Blake’s shoes exceptional comfort and durability.

Template that are elegant and generous. Based on statistics for European feet, the shapes of our shoes offer real comfort while maintaining their elegance and sophistication. Shapes available. All Reed Blake shoes are offered in 17 sizes and half sizes, from a UK size 5 to 13, and from an EU size 38 to 48. There is also a large stock availability. 17 sizes in wood. All Goodyear shoes use poplar wood shanks, recalling a century-old tradition. Reed Blake never uses metal for this essential arch support. From now on, you’ll be able to go through metal detectors at the airport without taking your shoes off. Shanks Invented by Lyman Reed Blake in 1858, this is a robust process that is used by the leading brands and gives shoes a very elegant look. Blake stitching Goodyear, also known as welt, assembly uses a narrow strip of leather and two sewing threads to join the different parts of the shoe, and offer remarkable durability. Goodyear stitching Super Premium provides super-premium leathers from Tanneries du Puy, double-height shanks, dark brown inner lining and outsole finishes, full-length insoles, rounded sole edges, and notches on the heels to avoid catching pant bottoms. Finishes

Slide Business collection A range of classic, sturdy shoes offering many variations. Available in Premium and Super-Premium finishes. Discover the collection Freedom collections Boots, moccasins and sneakers: Reed Blake will also accompany you in your free time. Discover the collection Video showing
the manufacturing
Reed Blake 1835, the high-end Swiss shoe brand, subtly brings together artisan tradition, digital technology and respect for the environment.
Heritage collection Reed Blake’s most sophisticated shoe uses the best components and Blake stitching, which is renowned for its elegance and durability. Super-Premium finish only. Discover the collection Collections

Slide Suede brush SUEDE It contains a basic kit to care for your shoes, two pairs of spare laces, two protective bags and a bag for your accessories. It contains a basic kit to care for your shoes, two pairs of spare laces, two protective bags and a bag for your accessories. LEATHER The Reed Blake box The Reed Blake box Polishing cloth Shoe storage box Leather polishing brush Shoe polish Shoehorn Applicator brush Suede renovator Shoehorn Polishing cloth Shoe storage box

Slide Reed Blake is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in all possible areas. With each purchase, you can donate CHF 5 to the association chosen by Reed Blake. Reed Blake pledges to double this amount for deprived children. 99% biodegradable components The pluses Corporate Social Responsibility In accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale, Reed Blake shall bear the shipping costs for purchases and returns over €100. Free delivery and returns We are offering you a variety of payment options, which are all 100% secure. Payments are 100% secure

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