The Reed Blake DNA.

Reed Blake is not only a premium Swiss shoe brand, but also an eco-friendly company. We work with 99% biodegradable components and choose the best materials to guarantee an unparalleled longevity to our products. The Reed Blake box has been designed to protect your shoes. It contains a basic care kit and other accessories. Finally, Reed Blake 1835 is committed to our environment in partnership with Almithytree by planting 75 trees each year.

32 components

No fewer than 32 different components are needed to make a Reed Blake shoe.

207 stages

It takes 207 stages to manufacture a pair of Reed Blakes.

9 days

From cutting the leather to finishing and buffing, it takes 9 days to bring you a pair of Reed Blakes.

The Reed Blake brand subtly brings together artisan tradition, digital technology and respect for the environment.

The Reed Blake brand is a tribute to the American inventor Lyman Reed Blake

Lyman Reed Blake, an American inventor born in Massachusetts in 1835, created a sewing machine that could be used to join the sole of a shoe to the upper part. He thus gave his name to the famous Blake stitching that is so well loved for its comfort, durability and elegance.

This invention, which was patented by the American government in 1858, helped industrialize a previously artisanal manufacturing process by establishing an innovative and precise assembly technique.

In 1859, Lyman Reed Blake sold his patent to an American entrepreneur, Gordon McKay, for US$ 8,000 and became a shareholder of McKay Company, a position he retained until his retirement in 1874. Throughout his career, Lyman Reed Blake continuously invented new machines and manufacturing processes.

Blake stitching is still used by the world’s leading shoe brands.

Reed Blake 1835 is committed to the same approach of constant innovation, combining traditional and high-end products with the latest digital techniques. In order to meet the needs of as many customers as possible, Reed Blake 1835 uses two assembly techniques to make its shoes, namely Blake stitching and Goodyear stitching.

Reed Blake 1835 shoes are designed in Switzerland and manufactured exclusively in Europe.

Lyman Reed Blake