The idea of a new top-of-the-range men’s shoe brand had been in our minds for a long time. No one was expecting us and there is a plethora of shoe brands on the market. So why a new shoe brand?

Jérémy Christillin, Servais Micolot, Pierre-Olivier Haenni – Reed Blake

Market analysis

After an in-depth analysis of the men’s shoe market, we found that three categories could be distinguished: shoes above CHF 600.-, those below CHF 300.- and finally those in between. For shoes above CHF 600.-, the quality is generally good, sometimes excellent for products above CHF 800.- but in the end, the price is exorbitant. For shoes below CHF 300.-, we would simply say that cheap is always too expensive. Paradoxically, the mid-range – between CHF 300.- and 600.- proved to be very disappointing in terms of quality. With many brands producing in Asia in order to be able to obtain extremely low prices, with a quality that often leaves much to be desired.

Online sales: from production to consumer

With the rise of e-commerce and new buying habits, we have come up with a concept that meets the following criteria:

  • Exclusively online shopping to offer a range of top-quality shoes at very competitive prices (from CHF 320.- to CHF 550.-, i.e. about half the price of a shoe of the same quality in a specialist shop).
  • Exclusive quality, leathers from Tanneries du Puy and suede from Charles F. Stead, wooden shanks for the entire Goodyear range, guaranteeing, with a minimum of maintenance, a lifespan of 10 years and more.
  • Manufactured in Europe by the best assemblers.
  • An exclusive box to protect the shoes from light and dust, including a shoe care kit.
  • An application that allows, with three photos per foot, to propose simply and once and for all the optimal shoe size automatically.

Origin of the Reed Blake 1835 brand

All that remained was to find the name of the brand. Charles Goodyear Junior had invented the Goodyear montage in 1868. But what has become the most famous and popular assembly for high-end footwear was in fact only the evolution of the Blake stitching that had been developed by Lyman Reed Blake 10 years earlier, in 1858. However, no one has ever paid tribute to this American inventor whose invention is nevertheless used by the biggest French, English and Italian shoe brands.

Reed Blake 1835 was born.

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